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Feature Story Released July 2015 (age 12)

 A mere twelve years of age, Just Faith has the kind of vocal maturity and musical ingenuity one would normally associate with older artists (and great ones, at that).

It is an interesting phenomenon that young women exist who are capable of sounding twice their age – in song at least. Ever hear a boy pull that off? You could follow this discrepancy down several puzzling tributaries of interpretation, but in the case of Just Faith it is most germane to simply note that the specific form of intelligence required to mimic an adult personality is strongly indicative of future success in the field of application. This may be seen over and over in the biographies of today’s most successful female singers, who one and all developed a sophisticated lyrical style and intricate personal aura before they were teens. Listen to ‘Home Sweet Home’ and the forming shape of this superb young vocalist’s professional identity is already there to behold – gorgeously original and uncompromisingly radio-ready. Independent reporter Blake Wright recently caught up with the beautiful young songbird to talk about her past experiences in music and ambitions for the coming days.

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